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Conecuh County

Conecuh County is located to the east-southeast of Monroe County and north of Escambia County. Established in 1818, it once included the current Escambia County within its borders. Conecuh County's name is derived from a Creek Indian word meaning "land of cane."

While the roots of the county are distinctly agrarian, the transportation industry has long been a prominent employer in Conecuh County.

The county's population was 13,105 as of the most recent U.S. census. Evergreen is the county seat. The county is home to Hillcrest High School and Sparta Academy in Evergreen and Reid State Technical College, also located in Evergreen. Other towns and cities in the county include Castleberry, McKenzie and Repton.

The transportation, timber and food processing industries are some of the manufacturing anchors in present-day Conecuh County. Shipping goods is easy, thanks to Conecuh County's position along the highway map. The county is served by U.S. Highway 31 and U.S. Highway 84, as well as Interstate 65, which has multiple exits in the county.

Middleton Field is the airport that serves Conecuh County. It has two runways in a right-angle pattern, both measuring 4,000 feet in length.

For detailed demographic statistics on Conecuh County, click HERE.


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