Coast Gateway Regional Economic Development Alliance

Oil, Alternative Fuels, Chemicals

The Coastal Gateway Regional Economic Development Alliance service area of Choctaw, Clarke, Conecuh, Escambia, and Monroe counties has a rich history of providing energy services in Alabama, including oil, alternative fuels, and chemicals.


Conecuh County, in particular, is one of the top oil-producing counties in all of Alabama, produces roughly half of the oil in the entire state, according to a 2013 Business Alabama article. Previous estimates had production at a full quarter of the state. Oil production in the CGEDA region first became a viable industry in Escambia County in the 70s, but has since expanded to Conecuh County and the Little Cedar Creek and Brooklyn oil fields. The first successful oil well drilled in the state of Alabama was drilled in Gilbertown, in CGEDA member Choctaw County, in 1944.

Alternative Fuels

The state of Alabama offers a centralized location with access to all areas of the country that feature emergency energy resources. Wind sources in the Plains States traveling to the west and along the Atlantic Coast, solar resources from the Southwest, and the proposed nuclear facilities along the Eastern Seaboard, would all have transportation options through Alabama.

Renewable energy, and Biomass in particular, is an excellent example of a field in the CGEDA region just waiting to be tapped. The forest products industry opens up this market to companies looking to take advantage of the wood waste produced in this area. In 2007, Alabama ranked fourth nationally in biomass electricity generated and has the potential for increasing over half a million metric tons in the CGEDA region alone.


The Gulf Coast area has become known as the “Alabama Gulf Coast Chemical Corridor” to those in the industry. According to the American Chemistry Council, chemistry companies in Alabama directly employ more than 9,300 people, and indirectly contribute an additional almost 49,000 jobs to the economy. The chemical industry is the second largest exporter in the state.

With more than 25 major companies located just south of the CGEDA area, our workforce stands ready to embrace new companies in our area, with the transportation means and easy access to the Chemical Corridor making this a prime location to locate a business.


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