Coast Gateway Regional Economic Development Alliance

Existing Industries

The five-county region that Coastal Gateway Regional EDA serves has a strong existing-industry base on which it works to add new companies, products, and even supporting industries.

Specialized workforce training programs exist to help support the growth and development of these existing industries, and companies looking into relocating their businesses to the CGREDA area can be assured there are skilled workers available that meet their needs in these particular fields.

Forest Products

The Coastal Gateway Regional Economic Development Alliance area is home to more than 40 forest products manufacturing operations. These are spread out throughout the five-county region. It is estimated that the forest industry in CGEDA’s area will produce over $3 billion worth of products annually.

The forest products industry employs more people in the CGEDA area than any other industry, directly employing more than 7,600 Alabamians and benefiting almost 17,000 Alabamians who indirectly depend on the forest industry for their employment.

To learn more about the forest products industry in the CGEDA area, click here.


Within the five-county region served by CGEDA, primary and fabricated metal manufacturing industries have the opportunity to build capacity for future expansion and growth, while continuing to be a significant part of the region’s economy.

Presently, an estimated 2,000 jobs in the CGEDA area are in the metals/steel industries, including:

  • Iron
  • Steel pipe & tube manufacturing
  • Iron & steel mills
  • Metal fabrication
  • Steel processing
  • Heat treating
  • End-finishing operations
  • Metal stamping
  • Welding operations
  • E-coat facilities
  • Iron & steel foundries
  • Machine shops
  • Sheet metal work
  • Motor vehicle transmission & power train parts
  • Metal tank manufacturing
  • Precision copper products
  • Metal service centers
  • Slitting
  • Warehousing

To learn more about the metals/steel industries in the CGEDA region, click here.


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